About Us

Cardross Primary School was established in 1925 as part of a soldier settlement. It is situated within the rural community of Cardross, a predominantly viticultural area fifteen kilometres south of Mildura.

In 2015 our enrolment has increased from 74 students to the current figure of 92 which is pleasing for the school and our small community. The result of which is a vibrant, positive school environment where a sense of community and belonging is very strong. Class structures are influenced by enrolments. In 2015, there is a Prep/1; a 1/2; a 3/4; and a 4/5/6. This year we have 15 new Preps and in 2016 it is estimated there will be another 20 arriving, which would be a very positive trend for our school. The classrooms have been adapted to operate as open learning spaces for P-2 and 3-6 with staff involved in regular planning meetings across grade levels.

There are three full time and two part time teachers who share the Prep/1 class. There is a Reading Recovery program in place for students in need of support in Year 1 and additional support for students with learning difficulties in classrooms where it is required. Three specialists provide Music, Library Skills and Phys Ed. A camps program for all students is offered, with Prep-2 involved in an excursion, tea and sleepover at school, grade 3/4 travel to Swan Hill or Lake Cullulleraine and grade 5/6 head to Melbourne or North East Victoria for a snow trip.

The school is attractive and well maintained, with a lawn and garden area at the front of the school and garden areas around the school buildings. An administrative area and two learning spaces are located within the main building and another new Mod 5 with an attached outdoor learning space provides another open, flexible learning area. There is a separate and well- resourced library. The grounds are extensive, covering four hectares, including an oval, netball and basketball courts, sports storage, an asphalted area, sand pit, grassed areas and native bushland. An amphitheatre between the buildings provides a weather-proofed gathering space, assembly area and eating space.

There are two main kindergartens which feed into Cardross. These are Irymple and Red Cliffs. Year 6 students exiting the school move mainly to the secondary colleges at Red Cliffs and Irymple. We have an active Parents Group, a School Council which meets regularly and sub committees for Finance and Buildings/Grounds/Grants which meet on a needs basis.


Our Values

The school’s underlying values and philosophy are summed up within the name CARDROSS.

Care – A caring environment for students, families and staff.

Achievement – A school environment that ensures all children can achieve the best outcomes possible.

Respect – Mutual respect from students, staff and parents underpins our educational program.

Dreams – Anything is possible – follow your dreams.

Resilience – Children are supported to develop strategies to cope with difficulties and an ability to bounce back.

Opportunity – A broad challenging educational program provides children with the opportunity to shine.

Safe – Children have the ability and right to learn in a safe and caring environment.

Supportive – Children are supported by all members of our school community to undertake new learning.


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