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Cardross Primary is a rural school with a 2021 enrolment of 98 students, 8.6 equivalent full time staff, including 1 Principal, 6.0 Teachers and 1.6 Education Support staff. A high value is placed on parent participation to develop and implement programs that encourage a positive, caring atmosphere.

Staff work together in teaching teams to constantly revise, develop and implement a comprehensive curriculum with particular attention to detailed, individual instruction, evaluation and assessment. The school is particularly committed to advancing students skills in numeracy and literacy. Ongoing investment in technology, including 1:1 iPads enhances these areas. Our ‘1:1’ program currently extends from Year 4-6 and all students utilise the student portal, ‘Compass’, to not only enhance their learning, but to maintain an ongoing record of their learning that parents can access at any time.

The school offers a diverse curriculum which covers all components of the Victorian Curriculum. Our staff know that continuous learning and a best practice approach to teaching is the key to achieving the best learning outcomes for children. As a result we are involved in weekly professional learning sessions as a team and are in the middle of our work on an exciting three year project which focusses on ‘New Pedagogies for Deep Learning’.

Our school’s strategic plan places a high priority on the areas of literacy, numeracy, with a major emphasis on creating a culture of deep learning through New Pedagogies and leveraging the power of digital learning. A continuous focus on improving the quality of our teaching and learning and the strong partnerships that we have developed with our school community will continue to create a vibrant, positive learning environment for our children.


Principal's Message

On behalf of the staff and school council, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all children and parents of the school, and also to those beginning their association with Cardross Primary School.

Each day I have the privilege of coming to work, engaging with enthusiastic, creative and passionate teachers and students. I am extremely proud and honoured to be this wonderful school's Acting Principal and cherish the opportunity to assist in the development of our most precious resource - our children.

Situated in an idyllic country setting, we are a community orientated school with a current enrolment of approximately 98 students in 2020. At Cardross PS each child is valued and encouraged to reach their full potential. Just as each child is an individual with their own character and needs, so too their educational growth is unique. The teachers are committed to nurturing and developing the ability of each child through carefully planned and innovative teaching programs.

Our school motto is "Together We Learn", acknowledging the importance of:

• catering for individual differences through a deep understanding of all children;

• Learning with and from others through the development of learning communities;

• Evidence-based, high impact teaching and learning practices;

• Technology as an accelerator for high-quality pedagogy;

• a caring and supportive community environment.

Our students are highly motivated and are also supported by committed parents and families. Parents are encouraged, at all times, to communicate with teachers and the school leaders on issues that are of interest or concern to them.

Cardross Primary School staff are enthusiastic highly professional educators and bring a wealth of knowledge and commitment to their crucial task of guiding students towards a fulfilling and productive seven years of primary education. Our high academic achievement is a direct result of the dedicated, professional teachers who constantly provide diverse, rich, engaging and outstanding educational programs within an environment which is caring, friendly, respectful and responsive to the needs of our students.

As Principal, my door is always open to parents wishing to discuss their child's progress or anything at all related to the school. I welcome and encourage you to be involved as this is the best way to "learn together" about schooling today.

Simon Trembath



Our Values

The school’s underlying values and philosophy are summed up within the name CARDROSS.

Care – A caring environment for students, families and staff.

Achievement – A school environment that ensures all children can achieve the best outcomes possible.

Respect – Mutual respect from students, staff and parents underpins our educational program.

Dreams – Anything is possible – follow your dreams.

Resilience – Children are supported to develop strategies to cope with difficulties and an ability to bounce back.

Opportunity – A broad challenging educational program provides children with the opportunity to shine.

Safe – Children have the ability and right to learn in a safe and caring environment.

Supportive – Children are supported by all members of our school community to undertake new learning.


Our School

Privacy Policy

The Department of Education and Training (which includes all Victorian government schools, central and regional offices) values the privacy of every person and is committed to protecting information that schools collect.

All staff, service providers (contractors) and agents, (whether paid or unpaid) of the Department, and this Victorian government school (our school), must comply with Victorian privacy law and this policy.

In Victorian government schools the management of ‘personal information’ and ‘health information’ is governed by the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic) and Health Records Act 2001 (Vic) (collectively, Victorian privacy law).

This policy explains how our school collects and manages personal and health information, consistent with Victorian privacy law.

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